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Advantages of MVR falling film evaporation process
Jul 09, 2018

In recent years, the energy saving effect of the MVR evaporation system has been obvious, which has caused more and more enterprises to pay attention to the evaporation technology. The falling film evaporator is widely used in different industries because of its unique advantages. Briefly explain the advantages of the MVR falling film evaporator:

The principle of MVR falling film evaporation process:   


 The material enters through the top of the falling film evaporator through the feed pump, and the material is distributed into the

 heat exchange tube through the film mulch, and flows into the uniform film from top to bottom under the action of gravity and vacuum induction and air flow. During the flow, it is heated and vaporized by the shell-side heating medium, and the generated steam and the liquid phase enter the separation chamber of the evaporator. The vapor-liquid is sufficiently separated, and the steam enters the condenser for condensation (single-effect operation) or enters the next-effect evaporator. The medi

um is heated to achieve multi-effect operation, and the liquid phase is discharged from the separation chamber.

Advantages of MVR falling film evaporation process:

       First, the scope of application of materials:

       1. The residence time of the feed liquid in the evaporator is short, it is not easy to cause the material to deteriorate, and can adapt to the evaporation of the heat sensitive solution;

      2. The liquid material evaporates in the heating tube, and the liquid preparation process does not form too much impact, avoiding the formation of foam, and is suitable for evaporation and concentration of foaming materials;

      3. The feed liquid is added from the top of the evaporator, and descends along the wall of the tube under the action of gravity, and evaporates and concentrates in the process, and a concentrated liquid is obtained at the bottom thereof, which can evaporate a material having a higher concentration and a higher viscosity. .

     Second, the heat transfer coefficient

     The entire heating system of the equipment is heated uniformly by steam, and the liquid is liquid film flow evaporation, so the heat transfer coefficient is higher than other forms of evaporator.

     Third, the liquid retention is small

     Quick action is taken according to changes in energy supply, vacuum, feed amount, concentration, and the like.

     Fourth, low temperature evaporation

     Since the process fluid flows only under the force of gravity rather than by the high temperature difference, low temperature differential evaporation can be used.

     V. Quality assurance

     Due to the mild evaporation conditions, most of the time operating under vacuum conditions, and the extremely short residence time in the evaporator, it is very advantageous for the evaporation and concentration of food, and the nutrients of the food are preserved.

     Sixth, automatic control system

     The automatic control system realizes the automatic control of feed quantity, automatic control of heating temperature, automatic control of discharge concentration, automatic control of cleaning, and can also be equipped with protection measures for sensitive materials in case of sudden power failure and failure. Other safety, alarm and other automatic operation, control, CIP cleaning system, to achieve local cleaning, the entire set of equipment is easy to operate, no dead ends.

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