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Tell you some process of the pressure reactor-Ⅰ
Oct 10, 2018


Reactors are commonly used in the petrochemical, rubber, pesticide, dye, pharmaceutical and other industries to complete the sulfonation, nitration, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation and other processes, as well as many other processes of organic dyes and intermediates equipment. The low pressure reactor generally refers to a reaction vessel of 1.6 MPa or less. Due to different process conditions and media, the material selection and structure of the reactor are not the same, but the basic composition is the same. It includes the transmission, heat transfer and agitation device, and the kettle body (top cover, cylinder, bottom) , process takeover, etc. The size of the equipment is generally determined by the effective height of the reactor Hgz / the inner diameter of the reactor Di = 1.0 ~ 1.2, if Hgz / Di > 1.5, the number of blades should be added. The diameter of the blade is usually 1/3/Di, and the spacing between the upper and lower blades should be slightly larger than the pitch. The necessary heat transfer and agitation means are provided on the structure of the apparatus to enhance the reaction process. The reactor body is generally made of titanium,steel (or lining), cast iron or bismuth glass. 

In social life, chemical products are indispensable and irreplaceable. However, the raw materials, intermediates and even the products used in the production of stainless steel reactors are flammable, explosive and corrosive substances. Most of them produce chemical reactions and materials under severe conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, high speed, toxicity and corrosion. The transportation is completed, the process operation is continuous, and the explosive mixture is easily formed in the process pipeline and the reaction kettle, and there are many ignition sources in the production area, which has fire and explosion hazard.

First, make a good design fire protection of the reactor

The main cause of fire caused by equipment leakage often originates from the design stage, so it is very important to do a good job in the design stage of fire prevention. First of all, the design, selection, material selection, arrangement and installation of the reactor should comply with national norms and standards. Strictly control the design, according to the characteristics of different process, select the corresponding materials that are resistant to high temperature or low temperature, corrosion resistance, meet the pressure requirements, use advanced technology for manufacturing and installation, do a strict fire safety audit work, and pass strict Commissioning and acceptance.

Second, the implementation of hot work prevention measures

1. Disassemble and take off. When possible, remove the equipment, pipes and accessories that need to be fired in the fire-fighting area, remove them from the main body, move them to a safe place to move the fire, and then put them back to the original place after the hot work.

2, Isolation and cover. Effectively isolate the hot equipment, piping and its accessories from the associated operating system, such as adding blind blocks to the pipes, adding a head or removing a pipe to isolate flammable and explosive materials and media. The gas enters the hot work point.

3. Clean up the site. It is the most basic requirement to clean the site before the fire. Before the fire, the inflammable and explosive materials around the fire point should be transferred to a safe place, and the site should be cleaned.

4. Check and confirm. After doing the relevant preparatory work, it is important to check and confirm that this is very important. After checking and confirming the correctness, the “Safety Work Safety Certificate” will be issued. If the operation in the reaction kettle is entered, the “Safety Operation Certificate in the Equipment” must be issued to implement the guardian responsible person.

Third, strengthen safety training

The employees in the chemical production industry should be relatively stable, strengthen the process and operation discipline of the employees, and formulate and strictly implement the operating procedures. Improve the professional quality level of employees and production operation skills. Formulate emergency response plans, conduct drills, and improve the resilience of employees in the event of accidents.                                                                 

                                                                                                                                                                   -To be continue 

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