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The external heated evaporator
Nov 25, 2016

External heated circulation evaporator has advantages of simple manufacture, convenient maintenance, and it is one of the most widely used evaporator in circular evaporator, also one of the most typical evaporator, External heated circulation evaporator can be divided into external heated natural circulation evaporator and external heated forced circulation evaporator.

(1) external heated natural circulation evaporator

Introduction: Consisted of circular tube, the heating chamber, natural circulation evaporator boiling tube, separation chamber four main parts. When evaporating, the feed liquid into the heating chamber to heat up, Solution is not boiling while thay haven’t reached the saturation temperature of the condition. The liquid began to boil, generate a lot of bubbles, after heated and pipe pressure loss, When the temperature of the solution after reaching the state of saturation pressure. The density of solution down, So a density difference between the gas-liquid mixture in boiling tube and circular tube side not boiling material liquid, Formed the cycle of the external heated natural circulation evaporator driving force.

Application: can be operated under vacuum conditions, applicable to Chinese medicine, western medicine, grape sugar, starch, gourmet powder, dairy products, such as low-temperature vacuum concentration of thermal sensitive material, has a wide application range.

The advantages and disadvantages: External heated vaporizer heated length to diameter ratio is 60 ~ 100, Atmospheric evaporation, the solution in the circular tube loop speed is less than one meter per second. due to the use of external heating chamber, Easy cleaning and replacement, and is not affected by separation chamber structure and the influence of the heating chamber size, An evaporator can match one to four heating chamber, So we can meet great evaporation capacity.

External heated natural circulation evaporator also has some disadvantages. That is the solution of the circulation speed is not high, poor heat transfer effect, the solution temperature is higher.

(2) external heated forced circulation evaporator

Introduction: external heated forced circulation evaporator is composed of heating chamber and the evaporation chamber, by circular tube, circulating pump is connected into a whole, it is suitable for the crystallization of particles or powder solution evaporation concentration.

Application: can be used for industrial wastewater treatment, urban sewage treatment, etc.

The advantages and disadvantages: its structure is simple, easy to operate, but power consumption is relatively high. The evaporator using plus motivated material liquid circle, general use axial-flow pump power in industry. Under the same conditions, improve the speed of the circulation of the liquid in the evaporator, more solution pass by heat pipe the unit time, the solution temperature is lower, the more conducive to heat sensitive material of evaporation, and is conducive to the improvement of heat transfer coefficient. at the same time, due to the reduced One-way vaporization rate, solution in local concentration increased near the heating tube wall surface phenomenon under control, slows down the phenomenon of the structure of the heating tube.

But in the process of forced circulation evaporator, with solution concentration increased gradually, moving equipment (such as the circulation pump) prone to the phenomenon such as crystal structure, And bigger power consumption equipment run time, usually is 0.4 ~ 0.8 kW (heat transfer area per 1 m²).As a result, the heating area, the greater the power of the circulating pump is larger, the maintenance and operation cost.

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