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Titanium and titanium steel composite panels for vacuum salt application
Sep 08, 2018

Since the discovery of elemental titanium at the end of the 18th century, with the continuous research and practice of titanium performance, smelting, industrial production, processing and manufacturing, it has been widely used in foreign industrial fields in the late 1950s, becoming an emerging development. A metal material for the future. It is considered to be the fourth metal after copper, iron and aluminum, which are widely used by humans. Because titanium and its alloys have excellent corrosion resistance, good comprehensive mechanical properties, high specific strength, low wettability to liquids, and resistance to fluid scour, they are gradually becoming more and more widely used in military and civilian industries. . China is one of the countries with the richest titanium resources in the world, providing a broad prospect for the application of titanium.

Titanium was first used in the military industry in China, and it was gradually applied to the civil industry sector in the 1970s. In the salt industry, large-scale vacuum salt started late, and it only entered the climax in the early 1970s. With the continuous establishment and commissioning of vacuum salt manufacturers, the severe corrosion of high-temperature concentrated brine on carbon steel equipment for vacuum salt production directly affects the performance of equipment and the normal operation of production. Corrosion causes frequent maintenance of equipment, and a large number of leaks have become a key production and technical issue that needs to be solved urgently. The correct selection of corrosion-resistant materials suitable for the salt industry is also urgently put on the agenda.

Titanium and titanium alloys have excellent resistance to seawater and chloride solution corrosion and fluid washout. With the deepening of the understanding of the performance and application of titanium materials, especially after 1972, the state adopted a series of measures including the price reduction of titanium materials in the promotion of titanium materials. Titanium and its alloys were gradually promoted and applied. Vacuum salt industry.

It has been proved by experiments that due to the smooth surface and corrosion resistance of titanium, it has a good effect on preventing salt scale on the evaporation tank wall and prolonging the tank washing cycle.

Titanium and titanium alloys have good corrosion resistance in black halide vacuum salt media. In the design of vacuum salt production, the titanium steel composite plate structure was used for the evaporation chamber II, III and IV of the evaporation tank for the first time. The heat exchange tube has been used well and the fouling phenomenon in the tube was also significantly reduced. After many years of operation, the evaporation chamber made of titanium steel composite board has good effects on slowing down corrosion and salt scaling, prolonging production cycle and improving salt quality. The vacuum salt industry has become one of the largest companies using titanium and titanium steel composite panels.

Following are example of Baoji Lixing Titanium offerings in salts industry:

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