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Titanium Market is also crazy
Mar 17, 2017

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(2017-3-17): Titanium Market is also "crazy"

Yesterday, the domestic titanium market continues to  staged "crazy", especially the titanium sponge market, a titanium sponge  mainstream offer 64,000 yuan / ton, zero-grade titanium sponge offer 65,000 yuan  / ton, generally suspended before the offer rose nearly eight Thousands of dollars, while the third round of  titanium dioxide in 2017 price surge is in full swing, the domestic mainstream  rutile titanium dioxide reached 1.8 million / ton. Titanium dioxide continued to rise, to promote the  titanium concentrate, titanium slag prices to refresh a new high, the product in  short supply, titanium slag, titanium tetrachloride, titanium sponge titanium  products business reluctant to sell stronger, the market price is also rising  prices.

1, March sponge titanium prices  analysis
According to the preliminary  statistics of the billion net, in February the domestic production of titanium  sponge 5100 tons, March by Tangshan days and Aohan Xin Germany titanium  tetrachloride plant shutdown, reducing the supply of nearly more than 2,000 tons  of titanium tetrachloride, which Which  affected the production of titanium sponge in Northeast China by 400 tons.  However, the new titanium production in Yunnan will start with 200 tons of  production in March. Therefore, it is expected that the production of titanium  sponge will be reduced by more than 200 tons in March, and the domestic  production will be 4,900 tons.
Upstream raw material soaring and tight supply of raw  materials is to support the titanium sponge prices an important reason,  according to my network to understand, titanium manufacturers are still actively  purchasing titanium tetrachloride raw materials to expand production to catch up  with the past five years, sponge titanium fire market, But under the control of the current shortage of  titanium tetrachloride manufacturers started, environmental thorough  investigation led to titanium tetrachloride production is difficult to improve,  and extreme cases, Liaoning existing titanium tetrachloride manufacturers have  the risk of shutdown, when the titanium sponge will face no Pot or astronomical purchase of titanium  tetrachloride dilemma, which is currently a substantial increase in titanium  sponge manufacturers offer an important reason.

2, titanium downstream demand growth is slow,  titanium prices difficult
2016 - 2017 the domestic economic situation is  slightly improved in the supply side of the reform situation, many industries  oversupply situation has been greatly alleviated, so only 2016 bulk raw material  soaring conditions, raw materials and then promote the downstream products to  promote the passive The Titanium demand market in the past two years in the  environmental protection industry demand increased, driven by a continuous  decline in the demand for titanium demand, the traditional chemical chlor-alkali  project demand continues to shrink, military aviation environmental protection  areas, basically titanium demand market remained stable.
 Rising titanium raw materials easy to rise, the  downstream titanium is difficult to rise, this round of titanium market start so  far, the domestic titanium concentrate rose 230%, titanium slag rose 71%,  titanium tetrachloride rose 42%, titanium sponge rose 58% Titanium plate rose by less than  20%.

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