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Titanium Plastic Aluminum Clading Plate For Constructure Use
Jun 23, 2018

Titanium Plastic Aluminum Clading Plate For Constructure Use


Industrial pure titanium for panel, aluminum alloy for the backboard, polyethylene material as centre material. plastic composite panels of titanium material, reduces the cost.on one side its surface has excellent properties of titanium, also improves the tensile stiffness of plate and surface smoothness. Titanium plastic composite board is mainly used in high-grade building roof and curtain wall system and the other on the strength of the plate and corrosion resistance have higher requirements. Titanium is a kind of precious metals.

Standard: thickness: 4 mm; 5 mm; 6 mm; Width: 1000 mm; 1240 mm; (titanium plate thickness of 0.3 mm or higher) 630 mm (titanium plate thickness (0.3 mm) length: 2000 mm; 2440 mm; 3000 mm; 6000 mm


Titanium plastic composite board features:

      (1)   the corrosion resistance is strong, whether in the industrial zone, severe pollution of urban, rural, or coastal areas, after several years, the nature of titanium surface does not change color.

(2)   Good mechanical properties. The tensile strength of industrial pure titanium is more higher than ordinary carbon structural steel.

(3)   Good disease resistance and creep resistance.

(4)   No magnetization effect, resistance coefficient and the coefficient of thermal conductivity are pure titanium and stainless steel.

(5)   Pure titanium is self-preservation, metal surface scratches can automatically heal.

(6)   Pure titanium is in annealing state is used to compound, good workability (similar to stainless steel).

(7)   Of industrial pure titanium density is 4.5 X103kg/m3, are 1.7 times that of the aluminum, 60% of the steel. Good plasticity and elongation 30% or higher.

(8)   Surface can diversify processing, such as hair treatment, mirror or cone grain processing, etc., can also be processing into a variety of color such as red, black, white.