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What are the ionic membrane caustic soda process equipment?
Jul 04, 2018

What are the ionic membrane caustic soda process equipment?

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Baoji Lixing titanium group mainly focused on the petrochemical ,metallurgical,pharmaceutical,alkali,salt,electroplating and other industries to produce large quantity of titanium ,nickel metal and composite chemical corrision of equipment and pressure vessels.such as towers,reactor,heat exchanger(tube,pipe),filter,tank,dechlorrination tower,condenser,saline high slot,the cathode tank,the anolyte tank,I~V dechlorination of evaporation jar,magnesium chloride evaporation ,falling film evaporation,heater,slurry concerntrated alkali storage tank,mixing tank,integrated venturi mixer,titanium shafts,titanium plates,titanium basket,titanium anode coated with ruthenium,pipe,titanium tube,centrifuge,fan,anti-corrosion,valves,silencer and various non-standard equipment and standard parts.

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Here are some basic equipment of caustic soda process you may need:

Primary brine: salt pool, pre-reaction tank, pressurized dissolved gas tank, pre-treatment unit, post-reaction tank, Kay membrane filter, plate and frame filter press, etc.

Secondary brine: chelated resin tower

Electrolysis: ion membrane electrolyzer, dechlorination system

Chlorine gas drying: green water washing tower, titanium cooler, chlorine water mist trap, packed tower, packed blister composite tower, acid mist trap, turbine, lithium bromide refrigeration unit

Hydrogen drying: hydrogen water washing tower, water mist trap, water ring vacuum hydrogen press

Chlorine gas liquefaction: Freon refrigeration liquefaction unit

Hydrochloric acid synthesis: three-in-one graphite synthesis furnace

Sub-sodium absorption: packed absorption tower

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