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3D Printer Titanium Finger Buckle
Feb 27, 2018

In Short track speed skating finial of PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games the chinese athlete Wu dajing has won the gold medal for himself and our country,he break a word record with all his talent and hard work . Congratulation to him and thanks to the good sport equipment. 

Here we wamt to say something about the 3D printer Titanium Finger buckle for the athlete.unqiue Tailored to each each one.


On the playground,the small Short track speed skating finger buckle can help release friction when skating cross the turning.before that there is resin and rubber and now with 3D printer we Tailored to each althlete finger size and make the titanium alloy finger buckle. 

Comparied with the Traditional finger buckle,the 3D printer titanium alloy is 40% lighter , thiner,less frictional resistanc,tailored to himself and more comfortable and fit well.

0 (1).jpg

Sport equipment is really a main market for 3D printer,especially olympic game and some international event,a better equipment will even help to achieve a wonderful score,and is called a screct weapon.while 3D printer just worth it,this technology is abosulote a good improvement. 

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