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Lixing Pressure Vessel Design Qualification Reviewing Smoothly
Aug 23, 2016

On August 18-20, my company for 4 years for renewal of the pressure vessel design qualification review work. With the support from the leadership of the company, technology planning, design and quality control departments after its elaborate and cooperate with all departments, the replacement audit work has achieved a great success. The review by the China chemical equipment association of three experts panel, use the three days of time to my company of pressure vessel design quality assurance system such as the establishment and operation of the review. Review meeting in the conference room of the second floor for the first time, the company's deputy general manager MinJianPing qiao-yan liu, deputy chief engineer, deputy chief engineer and technology minister colton, technical design office Mao Qingyuan and related technical personnel to attend the meeting. Liu on behalf of the company welcomed the arrival of the panels, as well as the situation for the company of the pressure vessel design are briefly introduced. On the evaluation work of the implementation of the plan, after simple exchange of views on the official start of the audit work. In the review process, the expert group, respectively, for my company's resource conditions, quality management, design level, and many other aspects has carried on the strict review. On the review meeting for the first time, the panel took my company self-check report pressure vessel design, and the person in my company's design, software, facilities, office environment, design standards, drawing files management, and so on and so forth one by one check was carried out. According to the requirement review board of our company's design qualification, design documents copy and seal management qualification, the training evaluation of the design personnel at various levels, the establishment of quality assurance system and implement of design and the appraisal to evaluate the quality of design documents, and the person in pressure vessel design, check the written examination, and has carried on the strict examination to spot check the design of the finished product and reply. Review project is much, but in strict accordance with the plan execution, the review work in an orderly way. In the end, the board of our company design theory examination results and design drawings of the defense said very satisfied, they must have the competence of the pressure vessel design, agree that the company in accordance with A1, A2 class pressure vessel design qualification replacement requirements. After three days of on-site review, review of pressure vessel design work for my company gives full affirmation, but also to some shortcomings in our work put forward valuable opinions and Suggestions, we will continue to improve in the future work and gradually improve, further improve the level of pressure vessel design of our company.

About our company:

Baoji Lixing titanium group mainly focused on the petrochemical ,metallurgical,pharmaceutical,alkali,salt,electroplating and other industries to produce large quantity of titanium ,nickel metal and composite chemical corrision of equipment and pressure vessels.such as towers,reactor,heat exchanger(tube,pipe),filter,tank,dechlorrination tower,condenser,saline high slot,the cathode tank,the anolyte tank,I~V dechlorination of evaporation jar,magnesium chloride evaporation ,falling film evaporation,heater,slurry concerntrated alkali storage tank,mixing tank,integrated venturi mixer,titanium shafts,titanium plates,titanium basket,titanium anode coated with ruthenium,pipe,titanium tube,centrifuge,fan,anti-corrosion,valves,silencer and various non-standard equipment and standard parts.