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Prospect Of Titanium Alloy Material In Rail Transit Application
Jul 13, 2017

Prospect of Titanium Alloy Material in Rail Transit Application

2017-7-13 Lixing Titanium

The use of rail transit vehicles more and more widely, the requirements are also increasingly high, such as high-speed operation, coastal areas when the use of anti-corrosion and in order to further improve the price and reduce the weight of the spring, the traditional metal materials have been difficult to meet these special The use of requirements, the new materials is urgent needed to replace. Many of the superior properties of titanium alloy materials are suitable for rail transit vehicles, but for price reasons, has not been carried out in this regard. With the electrolytic preparation of titanium sponge titanium is about to achieve industrialization, sponge titanium cost is getting lower and lower, coupled with China's titanium resources are rich, so titanium alloy materials used in rail transit vehicles can be expected.


Titanium alloy spring

Compared with steel spring, titanium alloy spring has six advantages: (1) light weight; (2) high strength; (3) good damping; (4) wide operating temperature range: a 50 ℃ ~ 300 ℃; (5) the use of steel spring, Working stress is low; (6) corrosion resistance.

More importantly, the fracture toughness of titanium alloy material is also more appropriate, when the spring volume to reduce the design basis, σ / G value (where: σ a spring working stress, Pa; G a material shear modulus, Pa ) Can be used as a criterion for selection of materials. The shear modulus of the titanium alloy is smaller than that of the steel, and therefore the number of turns required is less than that of the steel spring, which further reduces the weight of the titanium alloy spring.

 Titanium alloy corrosion resistance is good, low maintenance costs, will extend the service life. Sea water potential 0.09v, its in the atmosphere, rain, the ocean corrosion rate of 0. Rail transport vehicles in the bogie and pantograph parts are exposed to the vast majority, in addition to coating a layer of anti-rust paint without any other shelter, titanium alloy corrosion resistance is also more suitable for use in rail transit vehicles On, especially suitable for use in coastal areas along the rail transit vehicles.

Titanium alloy axle box

Titanium alloy couplings, bumper and drawbar


(1) The development of rail transit vehicles to a new stage by a variety of conditions, the use of new materials is inevitable, but also urgent, otherwise it is difficult to meet the requirements, and the market has great potential.

(2) Titanium alloy material is a lot of superior performance are required for rail transit vehicles, the four aspects of this vision is only to explore, there are many applications waiting for development, the reliability of the need to be verified.

(3) For research situation, the rail transit vehicle market without barriers, the current limit is the price, that is, titanium alloy parts cost is appropriate. Can be divided into two steps: the first titanium alloy material performance test and related parts test, for the bulk application to explore and accumulate experience, to the technology is relatively mature, lower cost and then mass application, rather than lower cost and then put into research.

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