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Titanium And Life, Titanium Valley Forum Big Opening
Sep 03, 2016

Baoji ,called "titanium valley of China",  now has titanium and titanium alloy industry, scientific research, production, processing, trade, and the circulation enterprises.The quantity is more than 500. titanium annual output of more than 30000 tons, accounting for about 85% of the total output of domestic titanium industry, the world titanium production 22%, the world's fourth among the top of the national industry . 2016 "Titanium and life, titanium valley forum" officially opening , hosted by the city government, the high-tech zone administrative committee On September 2, a new "baptism" for the baoji titanium industry development.

Science and technology support Titanium valley achievement

Too much "Baoji Titanium first" has left in the history of new China: The first hydrogen bomb detonated, launching the first atomic submarine, smooth return to the first landing satellite, the first successful launch of the shenzhou series of spacecraft and implement engineering month...

In recent years,we relying on the treasure titanium group and other leading enterprises in the zone and stretched "titanium sponge titanium, titanium ingot, titanium processing part, titanium alloy material, compound material processing materials, deep processing of titanium products" industrial chain, promote the rapid development of industrial cluster, the formation of "an industrial park, multiple YuanZhongYuan, more than a big industry, the industrial chain, a large cluster, multiple small clusters" development pattern.
In a series of good policies, measures, the baoji titanium industry are bulging with vigor.Asia's largest titanium powder enterprises,Successful test casting a diameter of 150 mm thick wall pipe and ocean of TC4 axial thick wall tube, the application of titanium in sea areas,Expanding medical titanium, establish strategic partnerships with hospitals and universities, actively participate in the development of medical titanium national standards, and has set up a sales window in foreign countries.
Baoji xing titanium is the development of titanium industry navigator,and say an indelible role to the industry establishment.

The "valley of the life and the titanium, titanium BBS" invited titanium industry leading experts in our country, analysis of titanium industry development trends, the application of titanium and titanium alloy, we will accelerate reform of the supply side in titanium industry, promote titanium "upgrade", promoting "titanium consumption", lead titanium "life".

Lead new  titanium life

Unlike widely known, titanium is "love", not "just" is available, can also be used in daily life, such as boiler bowl gourd ladle spoonfuls, wine cup, bicycle, spectacle frames, watches, necklaces, etc. In addition, home decor, medical, automotive and other fields to titanium. Baoji Eurasian chemical equipment factory is in titanium products manufacturing enterprises, products include titanium golf head, titanium alloy wheel paramotor, titanium alloy bicycle frame and accessories, etc.

"The valley of the life and the titanium, titanium BBS 'drilling in life is to make titanium industry, seek the new development opportunity, at the same time for us all a lesson on science of titanium and its mysterious veil, let people know more about the advantage and application of titanium." The relevant person in charge of high-tech technology bureau said.

The kingdom of the "titanium",theme pavilions

Solstice on September 2 5, citizens could enter the baoji 

convention and exhibition center "titanium and life" theme pavilions, zero distance of titanium products in the application of life experience, how "high-end titanium" play a role in our daily life, and leads the way.

The reporter sees in the convention and exhibition center, staff are take the time to decorate the pavilion. The pavilion is divided into multiple regions, such as interactive experience zone, titanium science area, etc. According to introducing, this pavilion set, not traditional exhibits the mercy and graphic interpretation, the whole display area not only pay attention to the science 

popularization, interactivity, experience, will also be of artistic sense, science and technology, to life, using sound, light, electric technology, through the multimedia interactive technology and display technology exhibition, from the vision, hearing, taste, feel, smell the three-dimensional display, let people feel the titanium life.

In addition, also set up multiple experience activities in the hall. During the exhibition, visitors can experience the 3 d face scans with mirror system automatically, can also experience in the field of titanium material production of golf clubs. In popular science knowledge in the corridor, sound, light, electricity three-dimensional equipment to take you into the "kingdom" titanium...... By means of science and technology, people can experience more clearly the change of titanium bring to life.