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Trademark Of Titanium Valley
Jul 17, 2018


Warmly celebrate Baoji Lixing Titanium successfully obtained the right to use the trademark of Titanium Valley.

On the morning of July 13, 2018, the Titanium Valley Trademark Authorized Use Enterprise Final Review Conference and the first batch of Titanium Trademark Authorization (Pilot) Enterprise Awarding Ceremony organized by Gaoxin Headquarters was held as scheduled in Baoji Gaoxin Grand Hyatt Hotel. The six companies conducted the final assessment. The leaders of the jury at the meeting included: Bi Xintang, Secretary of the Science and Technology Bureau of the High-tech Zone Management Committee, Zhang Yanping, Director of the Supervision and Management Department of the High-tech Branch of Baoji Industry and Commerce Bureau, and Niu Weijun, Deputy General Manager of Gaoxin Corporation.


The meeting was presided over by Niu Weijun, deputy general manager of Gaoxin Head Office. Representatives of all enterprises went on stage to explain the basic situation of the enterprise and the trademark use plan and quality assurance measures. The jury evaluated the score according to the actual situation of the enterprise according to the scoring standard. Finally, Baoji Lixing Titanium The industry ranked second in the final evaluation of the six companies with excellent results, and finally passed the final review of the enterprise jury, and the jury will conduct a centralized awarding of the company through the final review.

Finally, Niu Weijun, deputy general manager of Gaoxin Headquarters, congratulated the first batch of companies authorized by Titanium Valley. At the same time, our company also promised to strengthen management in various aspects to ensure the safe use of trademarks, legally and compliant use of Titanium trademarks and maintenance. The reputation of the company itself and the Titanium Valley brand will achieve win-win cooperation.

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